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May seem odd to those reading my flash review section Explained.

2010-07-03 03:36:35 by MrNumbers

I've stopped only going to NG's warm cuddly sections and started going to the seedy underbelly. That's right, I've started blam-and-protecting. So to those of you reading my recent reviews, they may seem out of place and I asure you they are. But I'm voting against the "prankster" groups (trolls) and the people who don't even know what they're doing.

Also knew, I'm working on some rotoscope pieces! Hooray!


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2010-07-03 03:37:05

Whoops, spelt "new" wrong ;-)


2010-07-03 04:07:01

I have slightly more B/P points than you.

Just slightly.


2010-07-03 04:29:42

I'll just have to try harder then ;-)