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Well then..

2010-07-03 11:01:33 by MrNumbers

New new post. I know, so looooong since an update (Couple hours), but it's not like anyone reads my stuff so I don't care.

I work at a computer fixit store, so my pic has history:
One day someone walks in with this sick puppy and asks us to fix it.
We say "can't" "WTF happened"
This guy's wife had TAKEN A PICKAXE TO IT! Honest to god want Kill Bill on it.
So here it is. Sums me up nicely XD

Anyone up for photoshop tennis?

Also need to know how to favourite artists. I'm not a noob to newgrounds, but I am a noob at owning an account. Kthnxbye :D

Well then..


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2010-07-03 11:12:22

Bonus! Submitted first art pieces!


Photoshop tennis is where you keep editing an image until there's no more room. It's really fun ;-)